Leader Facilitation

At Case Strategy we use proprietary tools and practical approaches to drive growth for our clients. Usually our key role is in defining and setting in motion the best strategy to assure that growth.

Sometimes how that strategy is reached is at least as important to the organization as what that strategy is.  In those circumstances, successfully facilitating the senior management discussion and potential change process becomes our priority objective.

For any strategic initiative to succeed, the management team must be aligned as they move ahead.  We recognize five factors as critical to accomplishing this.

  • Common Objective:  Although there are always individual agendas and requirements to be met, there must be a single agreed goal defining success for the endeavor, based on the overriding challenge that the group has chosen to address.
  • Fact-Grounded Answers: We overcome different views of the same situation by developing a deep, fact-grounded base of shared information.
  • Human Element:  To minimize the distraction that subjective concerns introduce to the consideration of strategy, we:  solicit one-on-one input from all parties, explicitly include subjective criteria as inputs to the decision-making process, and differentiate between discrepancies of fact versus opinion.
  • Team Process:  Case Strategy facilitates building teamwork, by:  raising awareness of individual differences, establishing ground-rules for teamwork, and enhancing individual communication skills
  • Path Forward:  This is the agreed recipe for how future success will be achieved.  It defines roles, actions, and responsibilities without room for confusion.

We are understandably proud of our client successes with this type of work.  While every situation is naturally unique, it is likely we have demonstrated success for a client who faced circumstances analogous to your own.  Examples of engagements which have relied particularly on our Management Facilitation efforts have included:

  • Working with a multi-division automotive components manufacturer to define the much-debated basis of competitive differentiation.
  • Enabling the leadership team of a waste energy business to reach agreement on growth objectives despite a longstanding debate between percent margins versus profit dollars.
  • Leading the acquisition negotiations with several clinical research companies on behalf of a hospital with specific management fit criteria.