About The Firm

Case Strategy is a small strategy firm based in the Seacoast of NH. Founded in 1999 by Amy Case, the firm is dedicated to driving client profit growth.

Our clients are typically divisions of Fortune 500 firms, large private companies, and select not-for-profit organizations.  We work in a broad range of industries.

Amy Case, Founder

Case Strategy is well-positioned to help you, by being speedier than the large firms, and better analytically-grounded than the small ones.  We are particularly differentiated in three ways:

We provide breakthrough results to our clients. Every engagement has the deep strategy expertise provided by Amy Case’s personal involvement.  Unlike many traditional consulting firms, here you get the seasoned brain-power for which you are paying.  Ms. Case personally drives the analytic approach of every engagement and closely guides the efforts of our thoroughly trained staff.

Our deep business experience makes us ruthlessly practical.
While much of strategy requires a longer term over which to demonstrate benefits, Case Strategy is also biased to unearth those moves that will drive in-year results.  As a firm we are disciplined to offer optimal plans that can be executed.  We have little patience for “perfect” solutions that are impossible to implement.

We use proprietary analytic approaches. Ms. Case holds a patent of her own design for “Diagnostic Method and Apparatus for Business Growth Strategy,” and is an expert in driving business growth.   Case Strategy is also the only firm licensed to consult using the concepts articulated in Dr. Michael Treacy’s best-selling book, The Discipline of Market Leaders.  Case Strategy collaborates with Bain & Company in support of The Ultimate Question (as articulated by Fred Reicheld in his book of the same name), providing consultation on the establishment and use of Net Promoter Score (NPS) for maximum company benefit.

Case Strategy has experience with these industries:

Medical Services     Geospatial Imagery     Oilfield Equipment     Call Centers     Medical Products     Equipment Rental     Healthcare Information Systems     Food Distribution     Heavy Equipment Manufacturing      Pet Products


Because she is smart and a deeply experienced strategist with an outstanding presence, Amy connected with our senior leaders effectively, and enabled them to improve our business performance.

— Keith White, GE, Security