The Challenge: Having tapped into a large market of passionate consumers, our consumer products client was being bombarded with distribution offers and had no basis on which to discern between opportunities.

The Project: For their flagship product, we dissected the ~$10B wholesale market by channel, analyzing both the economic and the fit attributes of every (~ 50) existing channel.  Using a management-agreed weighting system, the relative overall attractiveness of each channel alternative was scored as the basis for ranking our client’s options.

Results: Based on the objective valuation of all options, the client
discontinued several active distribution conversations – despite, in some cases, their very attractive near-term financial profile.  For several recently completed deals that were now understood to be unattractive, the drivers were clarified and potential downside was minimized.  As a result of also valuing fit, several previously inactive opportunities were elevated for consideration.  The most significant impact overall was on the sustainability of the brand, which has grown to be globally admired.