Drive Market Transformation: Food Company Secures Their Future

The Challenge: This multi-billion dollar food products company had some of the most recognized brand names in their categories, but their categories were all in the slow-growth segments of the food industry. The Project: We worked with this Fortune 500 client to identify those trends which would be fueling the most significant future industry growth. […]

Adjacency Focus: Financial Services Firm Uses Strategy to Focus

The Challenge: This Fortune 500 client had delivered above-industry growth in financial services over the past several years, primarily via acquisition and also through new product introduction.  Unfortunately, there was little synergy with existing business to be extracted with these new offerings.  Worse, the organic growth rates of these new businesses were well below our […]

Adjacency Expansion: Consumer Niche Ensures Sustainability

The Challenge: Having tapped into a large market of passionate consumers, our consumer products client was being bombarded with distribution offers and had no basis on which to discern between opportunities. The Project: For their flagship product, we dissected the ~$10B wholesale market by channel, analyzing both the economic and the fit attributes of every […]

Re- Energize the Core: Plastic Film Fundamentals

The Challenge: This ½ billion dollar division of a public company was struggling to maintain its margins in the increasingly competitive and commoditizing plastic film business. The Project: Case Strategy recognized the primary issue was the company’s lack of a clear reason why customers should do business with them versus their competitors.  Relying on competitive […]