Turnkey Strategic Planning


A well-crafted strategic plan is an essential tool for mapping your firm’s future. A good plan serves as a compass for a company’s critical decisions, a touchstone to help align an organization’s leadership team, and a helpful support when seeking capital.

Case Strategy helps clients articulate their goals and develop the right strategic plan to meet those goals. While our approach follows a format similar to that of classic strategic plans, our use of proprietary frameworks and tools ensures a uniquely valuable result.

Our deep experience working with businesses across diverse industries enables us to produce high impact plans, designed for your company’s unique circumstances, in a short time frame.


An easy and informative business diagnostic is to plot your company’s revenues in a given market (where the size of the circle corresponds to the total revenues) on an x-axis of the overall rate of growth in the given market, and a y-axis of your own growth in the same market during the same period.  The dotted 45 degree line is plotted where x=y, and shows the break between share loss and share gain.  Some common discoveries from this tool include realizing that high business growth had blinded you to share loss (green circle), or that while you do a great job growing your business, you’re choosing unattractively slow growth markets in which to compete (yellow circles).


Importantly, Amy has a way of appropriately injecting a certain levity and sense of fun when the going gets tough.  This is particularly valued when working in turn-around situations where resources and time are tight, and not everyone is comfortable with the changes.

— Jill Smith, DigitalGlobe, CEO