Drive Market Transformation: Food Company Secures Their Future

The Challenge: This multi-billion dollar food products company had some of the most recognized brand names in their categories, but their categories were all in the slow-growth segments of the food industry.

The Project: We worked with this Fortune 500 client to identify those trends which would be fueling the most significant future industry growth. Based on market analysis, financial modeling, and thorough consumer field-work, we prioritized markets for entry. We then crafted an integrated entry approach, after assessing our client’s capabilities against the requirements for category success, analyzing the likely manufacturing and distribution impacts to the current business, and screening – where applicable – possible companies for partnering or purchase.

Results: Our client made several small acquisitions, and significantly repositioned many of its existing products to be more effectively “on trend”. More than one-third of their business – up from ~10% – is now in fast-growing segments, and in almost every category they have increased market share.